Success Story


Issue: In order to disrupt Claro's growth in the market, Digicel had implemented a marketing plan that strategically placed their promoters in front of Claro's stores. Digicel's objective was to distribute flyers to Claro's consumers as they entered or exited Claro's outlets.

Claro's Objectives: We were in turn approached by Claro to develop and execute a competitive response that would engage and excite it's consumers and encourage a reassessment of the brand.

The Solution: Claro's Island-wide SIM Swop Promotion

The Target: 9,000 SIM Cards

The Timeline: Three (3) Months


It is the largest promotion to date, to be accomplished by any company in Jamaica, consisting of 200 promoters both male and female.

The team exchanged 4,800 SIM cards in the first phase of the promotion which was completed within six (6) weeks in the corporate area.

In rural areas where the second phase took place, the promotional team was able to exchange 5,000 SIM Cards within 10 weeks. Achieving a grand total of 9,800 competitive SIM Cards Swopped within 16 weeks.

One member of the team swopped 100 competitor SIM Cards on the spot in one day.

Overall we were able to achieve an 80% retention rate.