Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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What type of events do you plan?

We specialize in planning a wide range of events and meetings, including corporate events, conferences, tradeshows, and much more.

May I contact you whenever I have a meeting to schedule - even on short notice?

Absolutely! We love a challenge. If you have an event to plan next month or even next week we are at your service. If your event is around the corner from your office or around the country, Promo Biz is here to assist you.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

We have recognized the need to provide and promote at a higher level, by having the right people for the right brands, with the right training, executing the right marketing strategy.

Why Use Promo Biz?

  • You can trust us to do a fantastic job
  • We generate great results for your campaign
  • You receive the best report structures
  • The staff we provide you with, are well trained, highly motivated and dedicated

Our Unique Selling Points

  • We have developed the best network of field staff with high caliber brand ambassadors spread across all 14 parishes.
  • We are creative thinkers and are able to deliver unique campaigns with fresh approaches and real impact.
  • We provide a strong focus on delivering actual measurable sales data with every campaign.
  • We deliver qualitative and quantitative reports.
  • We are passionate about our customers and the campaigns we organize or work on.
  • We bring massive commercial experience from the Consumer Goods Packaging Industry.